About Us

Northall Clay Pigeon Club situated in the heart of the Sussex countryside, located just off the A275 near Sheffield Green along the road from the famous Bluebell Railway, has been established for many years. The current owners Dan Kerwood in partnership with Mark Heritage over time have improved the facilities within the ground for everyone who visits to enjoy.

As you turn off from the main road (see above ‘Where to find us’ for our location) onto the made up track and travel for a few hundred metres you will arrive at the car parking area, this is situated in front of the clubhouse. The clubhouse offers a spacious layout and includes seating, refreshments and toilet facilities. In addition the club also caters for the shooter with a physical disability.

The club offers shooters a variety of disciplines which include Sporting, Skeet, Compac, ABT, DTL, Double Trap to name a few. And for the visitor who has never shot before qualified CPSA shooting Instructors are on hand to help………and for businesses and large groups of shooters (and non shooters alike) who wish for group/corporate sessions, we have the shooting facilities to cater for you.

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