Meet our resident Gunsmith - Tony Sorrell
Tel : 07505 353 982

Tony Sorrell is a knowledgeable and skilful gunsmith with over 35 years of experience.

From the age of 18, he joined his father at the family run gun shop in Sussex, specialising in repairs, alterations, and refurbishment.

At the age of 34, he moved on to an established gun shop in Central London as a gunsmith and workshop manager, further honing his skills.

Tony provides a variety of repairs and alterations. This includes full refurbishments, barrel work, woodwork, a personal gun fitting service, breakages and servicing carried out in his fully refurbished and expanded workshop.

For over a decade he has crafted and worked hard to develop the business into the success it is today with many satisfied clients both private & trade.

For further information and advice, please call 07505 353 982 or email

General Gun Servicing

Over & Under Service (strikers/firing pins)

Round Bodied Gun Service (Strip Clean & Regulate includes blacking of furniture)

Boxlock Service (Strip Clean & Regulate, includes blacking of furniture)

Sidelock Service (Strip Clean & Regulate, includes blacking of furniture)


Replace firing pins/striker per side

Replace mainspring over & under

Replace mainspring side by side

Replace ejector springs over & under

Replace ejector springs side by side from

Regulate trigger pulls (per side)

Barrel work

Black barrels (prepared and cleaned off)

Brown Barrels

Re-lay ribs and black

Purdey type cross pin






Stock & Woodwork

Restore wood and re-polish stock/forend (French finish)

Restore wood and re-polish stock/forend (English oil finish)

Clean out existing chequering


Lengthen with pad/vulcanite

Lengthen with ‘Silvers’ pad

Lengthen with wood and re-chequer end (wood not included)

Set stock one way

Set stock two ways

Shorten, refit original pad or plate

Re-stocking of Boxlock, Sidelock

Forend re-stocking

Call Tony today on 07505 353 982 to disscuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

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