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Our Facilities

Northall is one of the best equiped clay shooting centres in the country with literally something for everyone.

No matter if you have never picked up a shot gun or are competing at Olympic level we have the facilities to get you shooting to your best ability and beyond.

On hand are our two resident coaches,Trevor and Laura who offer one-on-one or shared coaching sessions - please see our Coaching page for more information and to purchase coaching vouchers.

Shooting layouts available 

Sporting Layout

The English Sporting discipline has the sport's biggest following. While the other disciplines only use standard targets, in Sporting almost anything goes! Targets are thrown in a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations and distances and the discipline was originally devised to simulate live quarry shooting, hence some of the names commonly used on Sporting stands: Springing Teal, Driven Pheasant, Bolting Rabbit, Crossing Pigeon, Dropping Crow, etc. 

English Skeet

Skeet is a word of Scandinavian origin, though the discipline originated in America. Targets are thrown in singles and doubles from 2 trap houses situated some 40 metres apart, at opposite ends of a semicircular arc on which there are seven shooting positions. The targets are thrown at set trajectories and speeds. The main disciplines in this group are English Skeet, Olympic Skeet.

Olympic Skeet

Olympic Skeet is an Olympic shooting discipline which is particularly challenging and requires smooth and efficient gun movement. Olympic Skeet has seven set stations set in a semi-circle, with an eighth station mid-way between stations one and seven. Olympic Skeet is very similar to English Skeet and the targets are predictable in both.

Automatc Ball Trap (ABT)

Automatic Ball Trap is the second most popular Trap discipline shot in the UK next to DTL. An ABT squad consists of six shooters. Only one target is taken at each stand before moving to the right for the next target. Two shots are allowed at each target but unlike DTL, either shot scores equally. ABT targets are faster and have a greater range of angles and heights than DTL. They are thrown on random trajectories from a single trap in front of the centre stand.

Two Compact areas

Because they look very similar, Compak Sporting and Sportrap are easily confused. However, Compak Sporting has one less stand and a different order of shooting. There are three compulsory target trajectories, right to left, left to right and straight on, with two additional trajectories at the designers discretion. Five traps will be used to provide a variety of targets and a sign in front of each enclosure will inform the shooter of the combination of shots.

Comfort and hospitality 


At Northall we have a warm and comfortable club house which serves up hot and cold food and beverages all day. From our all day breakfast and a really good cup of tea to an array of burgers, soups and salads there is something for every taste.

The club house features indoor toilet facilities including a disabled toilet.


We have a large outdoor seating area and a covered area and have the space for large marques as required. With the professional cooking facilities we can cater for large groups and all sizes of corporate events.

Saturday competitions 

Northall run a bi-weekly high gun competition with trophy prizes and some highly enjoyable shooting. Please refer to our Fixtures page for available dates.

On-Site Gunsmith

Unique to Northall is our resident Gunsmith Tony Sorrel - to learn more about this highly experienced professional gunsmith please visit the Gunsmith page and book your cherished gun in for a full service, repair or customisation.

Access and parking

With ample parking and great access less than a mile from the main road we are easy to visit and offer a stress free escape.

We are very disabled friendly with everything except for the Sporting Stands fully accessible to wheel chair users.

Call us today to book your coaching session.

For coaching, Practice and Competition Northall has great facilities and competative prices - Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see the very latest news, results and fixtures.



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